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In addition to passing the MCQ and the clinical examinations, each practitioners must meet the Occupational English Test (OET) set by Language Australia or sit the IELTS.

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Commencing in 2005 the Australian Medical Council (AMC) multiple choice question (MCQ) examination will be administered by computer, bringing it into line with other international screening examinations for medical registration.

As part of this development the AMC has produced this practice examination to enable candidates and potential candidates to familiarise themselves with the new computer administered format.

The questions presented in this practice test will NOT be used in official AMC MCQ examinations. They have been selected by the AMC Board of Examiners to illustrate the type of questions that will be found in official examinations.

The official AMC MCQ examination consists of 250 questions, of which 200 are scored to determine the overall result. In addition, within the 200 scored questions there are 60 identified "mastery" questions which are critical to the safety or clinical outcome or represent a threat to the life of the patient. Candidates are expected to answer a higher proportion of the "mastery" questions correctly. The "mastery" questions are indicated in the examination with an asterisk *.

The practice test consists of 50 questions, including 15 "mastery" questions. For the purposes of this test a satisfactory performance will require not less than 25 of the 50 questions answered correctly AND not less than 10 of the 15 "mastery" questions answered correctly.

Candidates will receive feedback on their performance which will include references to the AMC publications - AMC Annotated Multiple Choice Questions (this publication includes commentaries on MCQ questions which explain the correct answers) and the AMC Anthology of Medical Conditions which is recommended for use by candidates in preparation for the AMC MCQ and Clinical examinations.  Order forms for these publications are provided at the end of the performance feedback page [at the conclusion of the examination].

Users who attempt the practice test will not be identified. However, to enable the AMC to monitor the effectiveness of the practice test, users of the test are asked to complete the following survey. The test will not commence until the survey has been completed.  Provision has also been made for users to provide direct feedback on the sample test through a 'User Forum'.  This will appear at the end of the performance feedback page [provided at the conclusion of the examination].  Participation in the 'User Forum' is optional.

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